1978 Rock-Ola Mystic 478
Fully serviced, great sound. Some wear in places on cabinet but good condition for 1978. Price usually includes delivery and setting up in your home.

Yes this is yet another Rockola Mysti 478 from Just Jukin'. This is a fully working machine currently on free play. The amplifier works in stereo mode with a really good sound.  This machine has bass and treble controls, volume and scratch filter. It plays 80 records with large holes.  Looks fantastic in the dark. The cabinet condition is in tidy condition for its year, some of the graphics are bit worn in places but it's done very well for 1978 and all of the original records that came with it are still in machine (we have cleaned them!) machine had been in storage for years so it's a real blast from the past. Nice 'patina' machine just the way we like them!
Machine is set on free play.
All keys present and cash box door.
We have just given it a full service and a new set of wheels and new heavy duty bonnet struts so the top won't come down when you're putting your records in. The sound from this is typical Rockola fantastic..
All of the original records that came with this machine will go with it but we will put new title cards in.
So have a blast from the past! You can't beat the sound of vinyl.
Unit is 41wide, 25ins deep at widest point and 55ins tall.
                                                                   'It's all about the sound'